Saturday, March 26, 2011

Systems reign supreme

Hey Stellar Fans,
At a recent client meeting I could not help but smile inside knowing that I have put systems in place for the most critical aspects of my client’s  businesses. There was a lot of frustration in the room, as the company leaders voiced their concerns. The answer was simple: There was not one tangible form of a system in this business. Everyone’s own version of what they should do and how they should do it was in their heads. The owner had his system, delegated objectives, and judged the result based on how he would have done it. How he would have carried out the specific task though, was nowhere on paper or involved in any training program.
I quickly turned to his IT employee and asked how difficult it would be for a computer to operate successfully with no systems or algorithm in place? In my computer layman’s terms, it could not. When your computer is not performing tasks to your expectations, what do you say? I have learned that most people blame the computer. If someone in your organization is not performing as expected, look into your systems first. The great military commander Sun Tzu, knew to check his system of training first before he beheaded two concubines.
Sales organizations with the resources to keep their sales team on appointments are the industry leaders. These organizations tend to have strong systems in place to keep their sales team on opportunities. Their systems also seem to flow directly into every aspect of their business. Simply put, they have a system in place that is workable, they work it, reflect on it, enhance it, and then start over. Lather, rinse, and repeat.
 The most important aspect of a sales organization is to have this system in place. Not only will most organizations never do this, I have learned that most of these organizations don’t have a business plan, copied a competitors plan, or have not seen their plan since it was typed up during the start-up phase.
Systems need to start with the simple and work up to the complex. If there are no systems in place or very few, start with the easy ones. For example, how do you go about recruiting team members? When do you recruit them, why are you recruiting them, where are you going to recruit them? If this information is not on paper in a plan, with different contingencies, you’re lagging behind. The industry leaders I have been fortunate enough to learn from had all of this, the bottom feeders did not. The choice is yours.

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